AI Startup #1: Document Translator

Richard Reis
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It’s been (almost) two weeks since I kicked off my “25 AI Startups in 50 Weeks Challenge.”

And here’s the first one: AI Document Translator.

Sidenote: It’s live on Product Hunt right now. Please go check it out :)

The Problem

Book Translators

For some time now, I’ve wanted to translate my mom’s wonderful autobiography.

However, professional book translators charge $0.08–0.12 per word (!!!)

This tallies up to a whopping $5,000 for my mom’s 120-page book! Not to mention the month-long (minimum) wait.

Document Translators

Seeking an alternative, I turned to document translators.

… Only to find them lacking.

Free services (i.e. Google Translate) are notoriously unreliable, with entire subreddits dedicated to their inaccuracies.

Paid services come with their own headaches: mandatory account creation, opaque pricing, limited language options, and (still!!) inflated costs.

And thus, my first AI startup was born.

The Solution

AI Document Translator gives you the highest quality for the lowest price.

Highest Quality

It will always use the best model available (currently it’s GPT-4 turbo).

How did I test it? I compared translations from five different models (GPT-4, Claude 3, DeepL, Mistral large, and Llama 2).

I sent two translations to a few multilingual friends (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Russian, and Mandarin) and asked“which translation sounds better, Option A or Option B?”

Without a fail, GPT-4 turbo won every single time.

Sidenote: Scientific, I know. But it worked!

Lowest Price

You can’t decisively beat competitors if you aren’t at least 10x better.

This is why because they charge $0.50 per page, AI Document Translator charges $0.05 per page 🎉

Sidenote: This also protects against potential copycats. They can’t charge less without losing money. Remember, your margin is someone else’s opportunity.


There’s just one catch: due to operational costs (ehem… Stripe and OpenAI), the minimum charge is $1 for the first 10 pages.

So for documents smaller than 10 pages, you might as well stick to ChatGPT (provided you’re on the $20/month plan).

But for larger files, AI Document Translator is your friend 🙂

Not to mention other benefits (135 languages, no signup required, and no page limit)


Despite their years in the market, this document translator outperforms the rest.

But remember, I only put it together in one week. So I definitely need your input!

What other formats and features would you like to see?

Launching is the easy part. Now, it’s time to gather feedback and iterate.

(And guess what? I’m already onto AI Startup #2, launching in two weeks. Stay tuned! 🙂)

Thanks for reading!

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