AI Startup #2: Hypnosis

Richard Reis
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It’s been one month since I kicked off my “25 AI Startups in 50 Weeks Challenge.”

So today is startup #2 day! And here it is: AI Hypnosis.

Sidenote: It’s live on Product Hunt right now. Please go check it out 🙂

Why Hypnosis?

I view hypnosis and meditation as two sides of the same coin. Both influence your mind, but differently:

  • Meditation involves observing your mind objectively.
  • Hypnosis involves steering your mind in a specific direction.

Meditation has become incredibly popular, but hypnosis hasn’t (yet).

I believe that’s about to change.

Many famous folks have used hypnosis to reach their goals (In fact, I got hooked on the idea when I learned Mike Tyson used hypnosis to become a boxing machine).

The Problem

Traditional hypnotherapists

They’ll collaborate with you, hear your issues, and tailor the hypnosis to your objectives.

That’s the upside.

The downside? Sessions range from $100 to $500 each.

Your goal might require 3–12 sessions. So, you could spend anywhere from $300 to $6,000 (!!) based on the hypnotherapist’s skill.

Hypnosis apps

To keep this specific, I’ll use Reveri as an example.

Sidenote: Yes, the hypnosis app boosted by Andrew Huberman. Talk about fate’s sense of humor 😅

Reveri asks for $25 a month. That’s less than a hypnotherapist but still, ouch.

Additionally, it doesn’t cater to specific needs. It’s generic and quite repetitive.

Sidenote: Generic isn’t always a downside. Countless hypnosis videos on YouTube rack up tons of views. But with today’s AI tools, we can do better.

The final hiccup? It demands account creation. For people shy about sharing their goals (like kicking the smoking habit), this is annoying.

The Solution

When choosing between personalized but expensive hypnotherapist vs cheap(er) but generic app, you’re stuck.

But guess what? Now you can have the best of both worlds!

Introducing (the personalized and cheap) AI Hypnosis.

Link here


Jot down any goal you fancy and why. The app will use its hypnosis know-how to craft a script aimed at rewiring your brain.

This will help you focus on (and reach) your goal.


Each session’s a mere $10 (one-time payment). Download the audio file and listen to your heart’s content.


Skip all the account creation fuss. Plus, we never store any of your data.

Sidenote: We are not a substitute for professional hypnotherapists. If you can afford one, more power to you. Think of us more as “goal-oriented guided meditation.”


Like I said at the beginning, I believe hypnosis is just warming up and that one day it’ll reach the zeitgeist.

When that day arrives, AI solutions will be amazing.

But right now, they’re far from that.

But remember, I built mine in two weeks! So I need your feedback. Please try it out and tell me how to make it better for you.

If hypnosis isn’t your cup of tea, that’s ok! I’m launching startup #3 in two weeks. Hope to catch you then! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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