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Link here

Edit: Someone recommended it on a YouTube video! Thanks Indish Marketer 🎉

It’s been 1½ months since I kicked off my “25 AI Startups in 50 Weeks Challenge.”

So here is startup #3! AI Subreddit Finder.

Sidenote: It’s live on Product Hunt right now. Please go check it out 🙂

The Problem

Reddit is an extraordinary site.

It boasts 2.8 million subreddits for every imaginable topic.

However, finding the right subreddit can be… Interesting.

Option #1: Reddit search

Take promoting my last startup, AI Hypnosis. You’d start by searching “hypnosis” on Reddit, right?

… But the search results aren’t great.

The more you scroll, the more unrelated the recommendations get (like r/conspiracy or r/pokemon)…

Option #2: Third party tools

I’ve found several subreddit finders like Gummy Search, Valohai, SubredditStats, and Anvaka’s RedSim and Related Subreddits.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

But the weaknesses are generally consistent:

  1. You need the exact subreddit name (annoying if you’re exploring).
  2. They use outdated (2018) information.
  3. The interfaces aren’t super clean or simple.

The Solution

Introducing AI Subreddit Finder: Where you can find relevant subreddits, without endless browsing.

It solves all three problems.

Flexible, Intuitive Search

You can search in any way that feels natural to you.

Whether you type in a simple keyword like “volleyball” or something more descriptive like “things related to volleyball,” the system understands your intent.

Up-to-Date Database

The database leverages data from 2024 and includes every subreddit with 1,000 members or more.

That way, you can confidently reach active and significant groups.

Clean/ Simple Interface

You will get the 30 most relevant subreddits, their member counts, and relevance to your search.

Plus, you can sort by member count or relevance!

Ah, pretty. Give it a try.

Sidenote: Heads up — the tool isn’t free (because it cost me a pretty penny to create). For ̶$̶1̶0̶̶ $9 you get 100 searches, more than enough for most. Plus, the first three searches are free!


Just like the previous two, this AI startup was built in under two weeks.

So I need all your feedback! Please try it and tell me how to improve it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must dive into AI Startup #4 (launching in two weeks).

See you then! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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