AI Startup #6: Personalized Resumes

Richard Reis
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Hey there!

It’s been 3 months (!!) since I started my “25 AI Startups in 50 Weeks Challenge.”

So it’s time for startup #6: AI Personalized Resumes.

Sidenote: Launched on Product Hunt today. Check it out 🙂

The problem

When applying for a job, many people send the same resume to every company.

This is a mistake. Every company has slightly different priorities.

Consider the role of Research Engineer. Imagine you’re applying for both OpenAI’s and DeepMind’s open position.

Although both hire for the same position, they emphasize different skills.

For example, OpenAI values engineering skills related to large-scale distributed systems, while DeepMind prioritizes experience with LLMs and Generative AI.

So to increase your chances of landing an interview, you must tailor your resume slightly for each company.

This is nothing new. Some job seekers do customize their resumes.

But it can be tedious.

On average, a job seeker applies to 27 companies before securing an interview. That’s a lot of rewriting!

The solution

Enter AI Personalized Resumes.

Just enter the job description URL and upload your resume.

Upload your resume in markdown format because editing the text is easier that way. I didn’t create a full resume builder because (a) the competition is brutal, and (b) I’d have to create many pretty templates, which isn’t an option when design is my #1 weakness.

And just like that! You’ll get a brand new resume tailored for the specific job.

For $15, you get 30 rewrites.

The goal is to increase your odds of getting an interview.

This should make it much simpler 🙂


The idea for this startup came from’s course “Multi AI Agent Systems with crewAI.”

Initially I wanted to learn more about AI agents, and I did! However, I didn’t use an AI agent framework for this startup.

I wanted to, but something weird kept happening. Running the same task produced inconsistent results (sometimes there were errors, and sometimes there weren’t).

The technology might be too new.

After all, if you read three different blog posts on AI agents, you’ll get three different definitions. So people are still figuring this out…

But it shows a lot of promise! And I can’t wait for it to be more reliable.

Pausing the challenge ⏸️

I have to pause the challenge for a bit.

Two of my startups started gaining traffic and paying customers asking for features. Now, I have a backlog of 12 items to work on 🥲

I’ll get back to launching the remaining 19 startups as soon as I’m done with these improvements.

See you then! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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